Still Walking

“Still Walking” is now available for sale. Visit the “shop” to get your copy.

The Still Walking project has been a long time in the works.  Friends, family, coworkers and others have been telling Rob then he needs to put his story in a book for years.  After a lot of writing (and not much editing) he put a book together and self published a small printing of about 200 copies.  He sold those rather quickly and realized that in retrospect, the book really wasn’t finished.  On top of the editing, there was at least one chapter missing.  He has finished that chapter, edited the rest and the book is ready!

The subtitle of the book is “Story of a Life full of Love, Laughter and Lessons”.  In the book, Rob shares his perspective on his life experiences.  Some of the stories included are his childhood, his injury, the rehabilitation process, learning to drive, the honeymoon and becoming a parent.  These stories, and others, provide the foundation for where Rob is today.  His honesty, attitude and humor are evident throughout.

Visit the store to get your copy!

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