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Still Walking


This book was a great testimonial to the work of God in Rob's life, both at salvation and since his accident. Quickly I was amazed at Rob's candor. When writing an autobiography, it would be tempting to paint oneself in a positive light. Rob is open with his struggles. He frankly describes not only his good days, but his bad as well. In being honest, Rob shows that he is human. Perhaps the biggest hurdle of anyone who is disabled is being able to reach over the barrier that separates them from the rest of able-bodied society. In this book, Rob removes the "them vs. us" mystique and restores the humaness to any disability. I think this book is appropriate, not only for others who have gone through paralysis, but for all who have struggles physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Date Added: 07/29/2011 by Heidi Tack
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